Who We Are

Washington Express Movers is Washington DC’s fastest and most reliable small office moving service. Founded in 1981, parent company, Washington Express serves many of DC’s largest law firms, associations, Fortune 1000 firms and government agencies with on-demand courier services. Until now our customers have had few options for commercial moving services. Large scale, traditional movers are a great solution for large scale office moves. But they also include large hourly minimums, travel costs and other add-ons. which may be much more than you really need for smaller moves. The alternative, has been to contract with lesser known small independent contractors which come with an implied risk of less experience, training, professionalism, insurance coverage, etc.  As a division of Washington Express, Washington Express Movers has the expertise and resources to provide professional commercial moving services at up to half the cost, but with all the confidence that comes with dealing with a 35-year-old on-demand logistics expert.

  • Attorney, partner or practice group moves from firm to firm.
  • Internal moving assistance to work under your discretion for restacks, renovations, staff office moves.
  • Large item moves for special events to area convention centers, hotels, restaurants, sporting stadiums, etc.
  • Hauling various office items for disposal, recycling or donation.
  • Convention and conference material moves to and from conference centers and all meeting locations.

How we work

Have an upcoming move? Contact one of our move consultants to discuss your options and go over the process required in your move. A written proposal including scope of work will be designed to fit your needs for your review and approval. If needed, we will coordinate a brief site visit to survey your space and note any idiosyncrasies involved in your request. Finally, a team of professionally trained, experienced and insured movers will be scheduled to complete your move.


  • Pre-Move Consulting
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Cost Estimate In Writing
  • Project Management
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Crate and Material Rental
  • Furniture Installation
  • Furniture Decommissioning
  • Post-Move Services

Faster & More Convenient Scheduling

Need to schedule a move? Call or email one of our move representatives today and we can send you a move crew as quickly as same day in many situations. Prefer to have a site visit so you can discuss specifics with a move coordinator? Site visits are free and can also be scheduled in short notice if needed. Your day is busy, let us help check this off your to do list.

Minimize Potential for Damage

Our movers are trained and experienced in the delicate handling of items within the corporate setting and take all necessary steps to avoid damage to floors, walls, doors, etc. If required by your building management, our movers can protect your building’s floors with Masonite to ensure the very best protection. Movers are trained in proper techniques to navigate your large furniture throughout your office, elevator or stairwells or garages.

Minimize Downtime

We understand that your business doesn’t stop just because your office has a move which is why we will send movers to you when YOU ask us to, day or night. Will your building only allow after hours moves? No problem, just tell us what time. Need us to complete your move in several sequences? We will help develop a strategic plan that makes the most sense for your office and minimizes the operational impact to your team.