Top Reasons to Not Use Employees While Your Office Moves

Top Reasons to Not Use Employees While Your Office Moves

It’s time for a big office move! Do you make the decision to hire a professional team to make the move for you, or do you trust all your office supplies and equipment in the hands of your employees? When moving from one office to another, we understand the challenges that your business is going to face. Every minute you spend unplugged results in lost revenue, and moving, in general, is just plain hard. If your move is going to take a week, your revenue is going to be hurting badly. Your employees may become distracted, and it might take an extra amount of time to get them back into the workflow.

That’s why you need to consider hiring commercial movers when it comes to your Washington D.C. office move. Planning ahead, timing the move well, and meeting your goals beforehand will all help smooth over the process. Read the following reasons why it’s best to keep your employees out of the moving process.

Your Employees Will Be Distracted

Each one of your employees matters. We know this, because otherwise, you wouldn’t be paying to keep them around. Because of this, you need to be able to keep all your employees focused on the task at hand while they are in the office. When you give them moving responsibilities, they lose their attention to their jobs. Instead, they begin to think about the move itself. Let those thoughts go to the professional commercial movers at Washington Express Movers instead of your employees.

Your Employees Likely Have Not Done This Before

Sure, many of your employees have probably moved their homes before. However, that was moving their own personal items – not the office materials. They may feel added stress about moving expensive electronics, and they might feel added pressure if they don’t believe they are capable of moving all their office materials on their own.

Electronics are Expensive and Fragile

There is always a risk when moving items from one office to another, but this risk is only heightened when you trust your employees to load up their own items in the backs of their cars where they cannot be properly secured. Electronics are expensive, and they are fragile. This risk increases when they are not packed properly for moving! Trust the professionals over the amateurs to save your business money.

You Might Be At Fault for Injury

If your business isn’t filled with professional commercial movers – and we doubt it is – then you might be at risk of a lawsuit if one of your employees is injured during the move. Your team doesn’t know how to maneuver heavy items through Washington D.C.’s office spaces, so don’t leave anything up to chance. Let us take care of the heavy lifting instead.

Security Might Be an Issue

Typically, your business is quite secure. You may require your employees to have access cards, you probably lock the doors at the end of the business day, and you probably have a detailed and secure filing system for important documents. When you allow your employees to move things at their will, all of this becomes susceptible to theft or a security breach. When you call in our commercial movers, you can be sure that we have a plan in place to keep all your information and items secure during the move.

Your Employees Might Not Know How To Move Things

Do your employees know that copy machines need to have all fluids removed before they can be moved from your office to the new one? Ours do. Leaving your expensive equipment at the mercy of your employees is never wise! Make the smart decision and contact a team that has done this hundreds of times before. We know exactly how to handle all the tricky equipment in your office, as well as the heavier items.

Your Employees Need a Chance to Settle In

You are moving them to a brand new office! We are sure that they want to spend the time moving getting familiar with the space and setting up their new workstations. While our commercial movers handle all the hard work, your employees can focus on moving forward, working with the clients, and getting cozy in their new space. Once your employees feel more at ease and, dare we say, at home in the new space, they will be back to conducting business as usual and keeping your clients happy.

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If you are ready to put your big office move in the hands of our professionals, then it’s time to call Washington Express Movers. We can handle your move from one Washington D.C. office to another. Your employees don’t need the added pressure of a hard move, but we thrive on it. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Top Reasons to Not Use Employees While Your Office Moves