Top Reasons for an Office Move

Top Reasons for an Office Move

Moving to a new office is a big decision, and it isn’t one to be taken lightly. However, for some businesses, switching to a different office is the best possible step forward. Today, we are going to share some of the top reasons you should consider moving to a new place. Relocation means that you will need to find a spot to meet your financial needs, your brand, and your cultural objectives. When people stress “location, location, location” when choosing a new spot, we couldn’t agree more—the right location can make or break a business. Let’s discuss the top reasons to move.

You are in a Poor Location Right Now

Perhaps you opened your office in the most affordable spot as you were getting started—but now you’re having a hard time attracting the talent you need to thrive. Maybe your customer base is having a challenging time finding you. Whatever the reason may be, your location is not ideal. If you know that your business can do well somewhere else, then it’s time to consider a business move!

You are Losing Business

If your current location is losing clients and other business, it’s time to go! While your one-office rental room in a communal space may have worked well for the first three months, now you and your crew are running out of space to meet with clients. Just as a non-profit located in the ritziest location will probably receive some criticism, your company may receive similar eyebrow raises if you are not located somewhere that reflects your brand.

Your Facilities are Old

When your facilities are old, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t working properly, but pay attention. If your facilities are not reliable, then this can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. Make sure your business’ building is up to code, and if there is any violation, fix the problem—or move someplace else that is safer to employees and visitors.

The Market has Changed

Nothing lasts forever! Perhaps you started your business in a new neighborhood, and now, time has made that investment worth much more than what you initially paid. Feel free to sell and turn a profit in order to expand your business even more! Other companies may have started their business in one place, yet increasing rent prices have made it financially irresponsible to renew the lease. Even if you want to stay, make sure to do what is best for your business, and consider moving somewhere the rent is more affordable.

Your Employees are Unhappy

It’s essential to keep your employees happy. You want to retain knowledgeable workers and encourage them to grow in their skills and their productivity. However, the bottom line is simple: If they are unhappy about their work environment, then something needs to change. Maybe it’s time for your employees to actually have some desk space instead of sharing all the desks. Perhaps they are tired of paying for parking. Whatever the reason, consider a move to improve your employees’ moods and attitudes.

Your Contract Means You Can’t Remodel

While a bunch of changes can usually improve a space and make it work better for your needs, some contracts don’t allow this. If your business really demands a larger kitchen, or perhaps an additional office space for a new employee, yet your landlord will not allow a remodel, it is time to take a look at new business locations.

You Don’t Fit

When we say you don’t fit, that doesn’t mean that there are too many of you—it could be that there are too few of you. If your office space doesn’t work, it’s time to move on. Overcrowded offices can hurt productivity levels, and too much empty space can cause just as many issues. This is especially the case if you have had to downsize and lower your number of employees. The empty space can damage morale. Consider moving somewhere you will have just enough room for growth, but not so much room that the place feels empty.

Your Infrastructure is Changing

If you are adding a new department to your company, that is going to demand a little more than just basic shuffling. Depending on the new team, you may need new equipment, a new floor plan, or even a whole new building. Opening a new location might mean moving staff, furniture, or equipment across the city.

Office Movers You Can Trust!

At Washington Express Movers, we want you to know that your move is going to be fully taken care of. We look forward to working with you and your team to set you up for success. Whether you are moving just down the block or to the other side of D.C., we have you covered. Reach out to us today to get started!