Common Pitfalls when choosing an Office Mover

Common Pitfalls when choosing an Office Mover

Planning an office move is no easy task. It takes thorough research, budget considerations and logistical planning. So how can you be sure you’re making decisions that are best for your business? At Washington Express Movers, we want you to feel confident in your moving choice. That’s why we’ve compiled common pitfalls customers make when choosing an office mover.



A common complaint from consumers are hidden charges that are tacked on after the move is completed based on “change orders”. While the final cost may vary slightly from the original estimate due to additional items or special circumstances that make the move challenging, your final bill should not break your budget. To help avoid this, make sure the mover is perfectly aware of everything that has to be moved and allocate some cushion within your budget for any surprises. The final cost should stay within 10% of the bid unless there are significant change to the scope of work. Changes that you have agreed to during the move.



Most moving companies like to charge additional fees for moves that are completed outside normal business hours. This can cause concern for some as most building owners limit access during the work day. At Washington Express Movers we understand these concerns and do not charge over time for moves that take place after hours. Compared to the standard 4-6 hour minimum, we offer a 2-hour minimum so you only pay for what you need.



An often-unknown fact to consumers is that many moving companies use outsourced, temporary laborers to keep up with high demand. While these companies may provide a large team of movers, it’s likely that they have been temporarily contracted and can be inexperienced to handle corporate moves. Our Washington Express moving team specializes in office relocation so we can ensure all our clients standards are maintained throughout the process and know exactly how to handle office moves.



Another common practice by commercial movers is to add non-working supervisors to your move. You will often find you are paying higher hourly rates for supervisors who do not assist in any of the actual moving. All managers or supervisors from the moving company should be hands on during your move.



Experience the difference with Washington Express Movers. If you’re ready for a dedicated team of experts to handle your corporate moving needs, then contact us today.