The Most Forgotten Office Moving Tasks

The Most Forgotten Office Moving Tasks

Moving to a new office can at times can be overwhelming. Utilizing valuable planning and organizational approaches can help your relocation process flow more efficiently. At Washington Express Movers, we are committed to providing you a successful and smooth transition. But certain tasks need to be handled internally that often go overlooked. We don’t want that to happen to you. So here are the top 5 most forgotten moving tasks.

Update Directories

Make sure you don’t forget to update any online or offline directories and listings. You don’t want to leave your customers confused. This could include your Google listing, Yelp and other online profiles, social media channels, industry-specific directories, and of course your website.

Reprint Marketing Materials

Be sure to update any flyers, business cards and newsletters. We recommend printing all of your most important material ahead of time so you have updated marketing materials as soon as you get into your new space.

Be Utility Ready

Make sure you schedule a time to shut down your current utilities and begin your new utilities in the new office. Give your utility company and internet provider at least 1-2 weeks’ notice to ensure that your office is up and running in the event of a storm or malfunction.

Make Your Floorplan

Design your floorplan and assign offices prior to moving in. This will cause significantly less stress than making those decisions on move day. Hold a meeting with management to agree upon the best layout for each department.

Order Any Essentials Ahead of Time

Make sure keys, parking passes, appliances and new furniture are ordered and scheduled to be delivered ahead of time. If furniture needs to be rearranged, speak with your moving company about any post-move services. At Washington Express Movers we’re happy to assist you from start to finish, and even after!

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