Tips For Unpacking Your Office

Tips For Unpacking Your Office

After a move everything can feel a little overwhelming. Business still needs to get done, but all your stuff is still in boxes. It doesn’t have to be a chaotic experience. Here are a few tips to make unpacking your office easy.

Furniture First

All of your supplies, papers and electronics need to have somewhere to go. It will be easiest to place your furniture where you think you want it before you begin unpacking on it. Make a room plan and draw it out if need be. If needed, inquire with your office movers about furniture rearranging assistance post move.

Account For Your Belongings

Before you start unpacking, make sure all your furniture and boxes arrived. Labeling your items/boxes properly should ensure they land in the correct office. Take inventory of your office materials and ensure no items are missing.

Essentials First

There are some things that just can’t wait. All of those things sound be taken care of first. Some suggestions for those items are as follows:

  1. Computer
  2. Phone
  3. Notepad or paper
  4. Pens/Pencils
  5. Printers/Fax/Copiers
  6. Files or packets for upcoming meetings

Make sure the computer and phone are working properly as soon as possible to avoid more complications down the line. There may be other supplies you have to have in your office in order to function, so be sure to add those to the list. Some items may sound important but aren’t vital to running your business for a day or two.

A Little at a Time

While you don’t want to be unpacking for months, you don’t have to do it all in a day. Setting a goal like that adds extra strain that will make the move more stressful. Instead, try to pace yourself. Get anything you need for the day done, and anything extra you feel you have the time for. Give yourself a week or at least a couple of days to get everything put away and organized how you want it.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Placements aren’t set in stone. You can move things around later if it isn’t working out where you originally put it. Getting flustered while unpacking about the final location of your belongings will end up causing the process to take longer. Get things approximately where you want them, and you can revisit later if anything isn’t quite where you want it.

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