How To Color Code Your Office Move

How To Color Code Your Office Move

Office moves can be stressful. Whether you are moving across town or within the same building, Washington Express Movers will be there every step of the way.

To take the stress out of moving day, consider the following steps to a color-coded move:

  • Prepare a floor plan
  • Assign categories
  • Draw up a key
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Create a master content list

Prepare a floor plan of your new space

This allows you and your movers to have an accurate representation of where you expect to find each group of items. Place these floor plans in each office for reference on moving day.

Assign categories

For small offices or offices with only a few departments, a basic color-coding system is perfect. Start with primary colors such as black, red, yellow, green, and blue that don’t have any risk of being confused with one another. If your move includes multiple floors, consider adding letters as well. At Washington Express Movers, we provide all our customers with custom color coded labels and labeling fields to keep you organized.

Draw up a key

Once you have assigned color codes, fill in the floor plan with the corresponding colors, and if appropriate, letters.  Once the task is complete, prepare a copy for yourself, one for each department head, one to hang at each entrance to your new space, and one for your moving company.

Delegate responsibility

Instead of trying to oversee the entire move yourself, assign each department head the responsibility for supervising their own group. Provide them with a copy of the moving day schedule and charge them with preparing an inventory list and ensuring their department is ready to go.

Create a contents master list

Have each department representative number their boxes in the appropriate color beginning at one and provide you with the total number of boxes, desks, chairs, and so on that should be delivered to their space. This allows you to quickly ensure that all of your contents are accounted for after delivery.

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