3 Considerations for Your Corporate Move

3 Considerations for Your Corporate Move

Moving can be stressful, especially when you’re relocating offices. On top of figuring out the logistics of moving all your employees and office furniture, you have to think about the disruption to the functioning of your business.

If your corporation has an office move looming in its future, than Washington Express Movers is here to offer you a few tips to help make the moving process as seamless, stress-free, and budget-friendly as possible.

Move During Business Hours

It may seem counter-intuitive and disruptive, but moving during office hours, when permitted by your building’s manager, can actually be the most logical choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, employees will be on the premises to offer a helping hand where required. Secondly, a daytime move will help your business avoid extra expenses that you’ll inevitably rack-up when scheduling a move after business hours, as most moving companies include after-hours fees.

Choose Off-peak Season for Savings

Because the summer months are so busy for moving companies, you may be required to pay a premium if you’re looking to schedule your move during this time. For this reason, you can enjoy great savings by opting to relocate during your mover’s off-peak season. As an added benefit, your mover is also likely to be much more accommodating of your company’s scheduling considerations when their calendar is less full.

Move When Business is Slow

Consider moving your business when it is least hectic and there are less projects, reports and client meetings scheduled. If you move during your peak season, scheduling and efficiency of the move can become a hindrance.

Let Us Handle Your Corporate Move

Professional like the ones working at Washington Express Movers will use their years of experience to make the move of your business as painless as possible. Contact us today so that we can discuss how we’ll get your business swiftly moved to its new location while making every effort to minimize downtime.